The aesthetic restoration of teeth in Yerevan, Armenia is widespread and popular, because it is completely painless and safe. You need a tooth restoration if:

  • The tooth is more than a half damaged by caries.

  • There is a chip. Caries under the old sealant.

Tooth restoration in Yerevan, Armenia – Methods:

  1. Sealing, using modern nano-composites;

Реставрация зубов - Методы: Пломбирование

2. Dental crowns placement.

Реставрация зубов - Установка коронок.

3. Microprosthetic veneers and lumineers, as well as inserts

Микропротезирование винирами и люминирами, а также вкладками.

Each tooth has its anatomy and contact with other teeth, and the specialist must completely to restore what is given by nature. Only the newest nanocomposites have minimal shrinkage and serve as long as possible, without changing the color and size. For the functional restoration of the tooth crown in the “Center for Implant and Dentistry GDC” our specialists use cast, fiberglass and titanium pins in combination with nanocomposites. The main task of aesthetic restoration is the elimination of the patient’s discomfort; this is the main purpose of aesthetic dentistry in Yerevan, Armenia.

Two methods for dental restoration – direct and indirect.

A direct method is the restoration of a damaged tooth with the use of a light-curing composite directly in the oral cavity. Indirect method is more laborious and includes several stages. First, the dentist conducts preparatory procedures, then he will make a cast and cermet insert (made of ceramic and sintered metal). Only after all these steps, the crown will be placed on the restored tooth. Aesthetic restoration of teeth in Yerevan, Armenia is widespread as a type of direct restoration, which makes it possible easily and safely adjust the shape, size and the arrangement in one row. During this treatment, the teeth are not exposing to any danger. Our specialists carry out the whole range of dental restorations, applying in practice and using only the most modern technologies and materials of the world’s leading companies in the field of dentistry.

After the procedure

Modern, high-quality restoration materials, thanks to a rich color palette, give an opportunity to pick up an individual color for each patient. The process requires considerable efforts from the dentist, professionalism and creative approach to each individual case.

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