In our clinical practice, we meet different diseases of the oral cavity. Periodontal diseases (tissues surrounding the teeth) are very common among them.

Parodontosis in yerevan, Armenia

Many have heard of such a concept as periodontal disease. There are not clear causes of this disease yet, which causes a destructive loss of the bone tissue. Often patients, who think they have a periodontal disease, usually have just gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or periodontitis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth).

The development of periodontitis can be provoked by:

  • Deficiency of vitamins C, E and P;
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Disorders of the endocrine system, diabetes mellitus;
  • Vegetosovascular dystonia;
  • Smoking;
  • Hypertension;
  • Genetic predisposition.

Periodontics - causes and treatment of gum diseasesGingivitis

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums, which is caused by improper hygiene of the oral cavity. This disease is characterized by redness, swelling, bleeding and soreness. But, if you will not visit the doctor in time, gingivitis can progress to the destructive form of periodontal disease – periodontitis.

Risk factors for gingivitis:

  • Health status:
  • Weak immunity;
  • Chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus;
  • Deficites of vitamins B, C, E;
  • Malnutrition;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system and GIT;
  • Prolonged and traumatic teething in children;
  • Mechanical trauma to the mucosa;
  • Smoking;
  • Placement of substandard seals that damage the gum;

Incorrect bite, which can increase the load on certain periodontal parts.

Another cause of gingivitis is hormonal failure. This is why inflammation of the gums is often diagnosed in pregnant women and adolescents.



Periodontitis is one of the most common dental diseases. This disease develops gradually, and as a rule, at the initial stages does not cause pain or discomfort. Usually only after having sufficient damages of the soft tissue, patients visit the doctor.


The most common causes are:

  • Incorrect or irregular oral care.

Dental plaque – is not so harmless, as it may seem at first glance. Soft and easily removable at the beginning, it goes through certain stages of “development”. The final result is the mineralization of the plaque and its transformation into a hard tartar. This process is in most cases observed in those who do not pay proper attention to daily oral care or who use improper hygiene products.

Poor blood supply to the gums. Periodontitis in Yerevan, Armenia – is on the list of the most frequent problems among smokers. Substances contained in tobacco smoke, lead to a narrowing of the vessels of the mucous membrane and their fragility, which worsens the blood supply to the tissues of the gum and the supporting apparatus of the teeth. Slowed blood circulation, as a consequence, contributes to the development of periodontitis, as well as a lack of chewing load caused by eating habits, when for example in the diet dominate soft food.

Deficiency of nutrients. The deficience of fresh fruits, vegetables, greens, a sufficient number of fish, meat and fermented milk products leads to a shortage of necessary substances in the tissues of the gums. If such a diet is constant, then eventually it leads to disruption of metabolic processes in the gums, which creates the enviroment for inflammation and periodontitis. The negative consequences are the deficiency of vitamins A, C and Group B.

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