Dentists always tries to keep fractured tooth by using fillings, crowns and other dental procedures. However, unfortunately, there are cases when it is impossible to cure the tooth and it must be removed.

Удаление кист.

The main indications for tooth removal are the following:

  • Impossibility to save the damaged tooth;
  • Presence of superfluous teeth;
  • Presence of primary teeth, which did not fall out in time and prevent eruption of permanent teeth.
  • The need for removal can be for orthodontic treatment;
  • Tooth mobility of third and fourth grade
  • Incorrect position of wisdom teeth or other teeth.

Impacted Teeth removal

Impacted Teeth removal








Impacted teeth are unerupted or partially erupted teeth. Impacted tooth can be located in the bone, or can be covered with a mucosa. For their detection an x-ray examination (intraoral x-ray, orthopantomogram or computed tomography) is mandatory. Only after a thorough examination, the doctor decides whether there is a possibility for using orthodontic treatment or whether the tooth needs to be removed.

Wisdom tooth extraction in Yerevan, Armenia

Удаление зуба мудрости в Ереване, Армения

The main indication for the removal of the wisdom tooth is its incorrect growth. Incorrect growth is considered towards the side of adjacent tooth or to the jaw, or from the side adjacent tooth. In the case when it is located correctly and it is not affected by caries, there is no need for removal and moreover it can serve for bridge prosthesis.

When pain, bleeding or inflammation occurs in the wisdom tooth growth zone, you should immediately visit the doctor. Only an experienced specialist can determine the possibility of treatment or the need for its removal.

Tooth hemisection in Yerevan, Armenia

Hemisection is sectioning of multi-rooted teeth with its crown portion, with the loss of periodontal attachment and is performed to retain the original tooth structure and attain the fixed prosthodontic prosthesis. The need for such an operation occurs if the infection struck one of the roots of a multi-root tooth.


Tooth apexectomy in Yerevan, Armenia

Another tooth-preserving procedure is called apexectomy or resection of the apex of the root. The most frequent indication for this operation is periodontitis. If a cyst formed in the end of the root reaches more than 1cm in diameter, then it will be necessary to resect the apex of the root.

Tooth apexectomy



The main way of anesthesia during tooth extraction in Yerevan, Armenia is local anesthesia. On the upper jaw will be made a “blockade” of a particular tooth. On the lower jaw, the main thing is to anesthetize the necessary nerve ending. In the case of inflammation, anesthesia will not relieve the pain completely, but will relieve approximately 80-90%. The type of the anesthesia will depend on the complexity of surgery.

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