Usually, toothache occurs because of infection, and in this case, endodontic treatment in Yerevan, Armenia and root canal treatment come to the rescue. Many people are worried that this treatment is very painful, and in the past, it really was so. Modern technologies, made root canal treatment as comfortable as tooth filling procedure.


There are number of reasons for infection occurrence and the need of endodontic treatment:

  • Trauma – physical blows etc.
  • Physical irritation – deep caries.

Regardless of the original cause, inflammation of the pulp can cause an abscess. Bacteria from saliva spread into the pulp and can cause pressure and pain. In some cases, a tumor may appear. Infection of the pulp can cause an abscess and destruction of the bone tissue.

Endodontic treatment in Yerevan, Armenia

If x-ray or a clinical examination showed, that you need a root canal treatment in Yerevan, Armenia you will need to make one or a few visits to dentist. It is important that you take antibiotics and other medicines prescribed by your doctor to speed up the recovery process and reduce the tumor. If prescribed medicines do not relieve pain, you need immediately visit your doctor.

Эндодонтическое лечение
Эндодонтическое лечение в Ереване, Армения.

The best specialists of “The Center of Implantology and Dentistry GDC” are always ready to help:

  1. At first, the tooth will be isolated by so called “rubber dam”. This is needed to protect the oral cavity from bacteria and chemicals. Then, the doctor will make a hole through the crown into the pulp.
  2. Then, the infected pulp is carefully removed. The root canal is cleaned and expanded. Then, depending on the case, roots can be sealed immediately. In some cases, special medications are placed into the tooth to control the growth of bacteria and prevent infection.
  3. Then, dentist will place a temporary filling until next visit. In some cases, the hole can be left open (this allows the infection get dry).
  4. During next visit, the inside of the tooth is sterilized to remove bacteria. Dentist will make a x-ray examination to make sure that the whole infected pulp is removed and the walls inside the canal are even.
  5. Next step involves filling of the root canal and pulp with permanent sealing.
  6. The result is a complete restoration of the masticatory function.

The treatment of root canals is characterized by a high efficiency and is very inexpensive, in comparison to alternative treatments:, such as tooth extraction and prosthetics using bridges or implants.

Proper care is a guarantee of healthy smile.

However, caries can appear again if the rules of proper oral hygiene are not followed carefully and if the patient will not make visits to dentist for preventive examinations.

After the root canal treatment in Yerevan, Armenia, you can notice the following:

Color change – a tooth that has undergone endodontic treatment, especially the anterior one, changes its color shade. While it does not really matter from a medical point of view, you may be interested, in the future, in whitening procedure.

Fragility – the tooth after endodontic treatment is more fragile and is more prone to cracks. Therefore, we advise you to place a crown on the tooth after endodontic treatment.

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