This is the most demanded and popular direction in the modern dentistry and prosthetics. It is a technology, effectively practiced for more than a decade, according to which a titanium rod is implanted into the bone tissue, followed by the installation of a dental crown. The main advantage of an implant, compared with bridges, is that there is no need for grinding adjacent health teeth.

Indications and contraindications for dental implantation

Before the procedure, doctor will make a comprehensive consultation, including both radiological and clinical, after which the doctor reveals.

If you want to insert dental implants to replace missing teeth, you need to have healthy gum and bone tissue in sufficient quantity for maintaining and fixing the implant.

If there is not enough bone, you may need a transplant. If the upper jaw bone is not thick enough, or the paranasal sinuses are too close to the jaw, surgical manipulation to elevate the sinus may be required.

The quality of dental implantation depends on two main factors:

  1. Professionalism of the doctor. How can the patient determine the level of doctor’s professionalism? We recommend paying attention on the institute where the doctor got basic education, where he specialized and how often he attend postgraduate educational activities.
  2. Implant system. What implant system is used, how well the clinic is equipped and does it meet the modern requirements, which are necessary for complex treatment? In our practice, we work only with two leading implant systems, which are well-known global brands. One of them is Nobel Biocare (Sweden-USA *) (premium segment) and is the No1 implantation system in the world, and second one is AlphaBio Tec (Israel-USA *) has been manufacturing the implantation system for 30 years and is the best in the middle segment. Only high-quality systems that have been on the market for a long time can guarantee high quality of implant manufacturing, uniqueness of its surface and external design, which ensures durable integration due to the formation of an oxide film more than 10 microns. Prosthetic parts of Nobel Biocare and AlphaBio Tec are super precise and do not create problems the long run.

Our specialists work with the most difficult clinical cases, using a centrifuge of the Silfradent Company (Italy) a physio dispenser of Nouvag Company (Switzerland).

Advantages of dental implantation in Yerevan, Armenia

Until recently, the most popular methods of dental restoration were dental bridges and removable dentures. However, prostheses, cause unpleasant sensations of the foreign body and cause severe discomfort in everyday life, and when installing the dental bridge, it is necessary to grind adjacent teeth. Implantation helps to replace lost teeth without consequences for neighbor, and without further discomfort. The implant is also convenient because it can be inserted anywhere in the dentition and can replenish any number of missing teeth. Implantology restores the functions of even a toothless jaw, giving the possibility to abandon removable prosthesis at all. This method preserves bone tissue, relieves excessive load from neighboring teeth during chewing. Dental implantation in Yerevan, patients’ reviews confirm that the procedure is painless and safe, and implants will last much longer than dental bridges.

Dental implantation, unlike other methods, leads to the complete restoration of the masticatory function, and does not create restrictions or discomfort. Implant has practically no differences and does not create any functional or aesthetic problems. Dental implantation in Yerevan, the price for the service for the implant itself is different, but it’s justified, because for such treatment you will pay once, but other methods of restoring the dentition require frequent visits to the dentist to solve the emerging problems with the bridge or prosthesis. If you consider this procedure as a possible option, then all the information about it, as well as all information about the qualifications and experience of our implantologists, you can get by contacting “The Center of Dentistry and Implantology GDC”

Types of dental implantation – one-stage/two-stage, immediate and delayed

In our center, which specializes in dental implantation in Yerevan, Armenia we implement all the methods, depending on the indications.

One-step implantation means the installation of any temporary structure on the implant on the day of implantation or within a week. At the GDC clinic, every patient has an opportunity to get a beautiful smile immediately on the day of procedure.

For many years in our practice, we use a method of immediate implantation, which means implant placement directly after tooth extraction. Back in 2010, the chief doctor of GDC, T.M. Dashtoyan defended his thesis on this topic and the effectiveness of this technique was proved after several thousand implants placement. For implementation of immediate implant placement, the doctor should have special skills to achieve an effective result.

In different clinics, patients may hear different opinions about why the implant was not integrated or whether the organism “does not take” the dental implant. We can officially declare that there are not such concepts in dental implantology. The percentage of non-integration of dental implant because of inexplicable reasons is less than 1%.

The dental implantation is a proven for decades method of treatment. After implant placement in our clinic, each patient will receive a 100% guarantee.

In our center, you can get the full range of high-quality dental services. Sign up for a free consultation in “Center for Implant and Dentistry GDC”.

* Nobel Biocare and AlphaBio Tec are part of the American corporation Danaher, a global science and technology innovation company, whose goal is to help its customers solve the most difficult tasks and improve the quality of life of patients around the world.