Dental laboratory, which was founded in 1996, is located in the “Center for Implant and Dentistry GDC” in Yerevan, Armenia.  Today, the laboratory is equipped with modern technologies and has its own CAD/CAM center.

CAD/CAM technologies in our laboratory are presented by the leading german company Amann Girrbach.

This equipment includes:

  • The Ceramill Map 400 optical scanner is  for scanning and transferring information to CAD software.
Оптический сканер Ceramill Map 400
  • The Ceramill Mind software, is for modeling dental prosthesis i the software.
Программное обеспечение Ceramill Mind
  • The Ceramill Motion 2 (5x) is a special machine for processing various materials, including metals, zirconia, plastics, ceramic.
Фрезерная машина Ceramill Motion 2 (5x)
  • The Ceramill Therm furnace – for sintering zirconium.
Печь Ceramill Therm для спекания изделий из циркония.
  • The Argotherm furnace – for sintering CoCr alloy.
Печь Ceramill Argotherm для спекания изделий из CoCr сплава.

An important advantage of our dental laboratory is that for producing dental prosthesis we use only original materials of Amann Girrbach.

These materials include:

  • Zolid FX Multilayer is a polychromatic, super-high translucent zirconia with integrated shade and translucency gradient.
  • Zolid FX  – Super-high-translucent zirconia for exceptionally aesthetic restorations in the anterior and posterior region (up to 3 units).
Zolid FX монолитный
  • Zolid – highly translucent white zirconia for monolithic and anatomically reduced restorations.
  • Zolid PRESHADE – highly translucent preshaded zirconia for monolithic and anatomically reduced restorations.
  • ZI – Low translucent zirconia (LT) zirconia for anatomically reduced crown and bridge frameworks in the anterior and posterior regions.
  • Ceramill Sintron –  revolutionises CNC-based dry processing of non-precious metal restorations using desktop milling machines in-house in the laboratory.

Amann Girrbach materials also include high-quality plastics for manufacturing temporary prosthesis (Ceramill PMMA, Ceramill TEMP, Ceramill TEMP “Multilayer”) and special transparent PMMA plastic designed for  fabricating therapeutic splints (Ceramill Splintec).

For fabricating ceramic prosthesis in our dental laboratory we use materials of famous German company VITA .

  •  Trilux Forte – is fine-structure feldspar ceramic  with four levels of shade intensity.
  • Mark ll – fine-structure feldspar ceramic.
  • Vita Suprinity – zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate glass-ceramic for wet processing.
  •  ENAMIC – hybrid ceramic.