Digital technologies. CAD/CAM system Amann Girrbach.

The GDC dental laboratory is equipped with the CAD/CAM system Amann Girbach (Germany). This system allows designing (CAD) and producing (CAM) high-quality dental structures within just one day. For manufacturing dental structures in our laboratory, we use not only the equipment but also the original materials of Amann Girrbach.

our advantages: the whole process of manufacturing prosthetic structures takes place in the clinic and is completely controlled by the dentist.

Nobel Procera 2G

The GDC dental clinic is the only one in Armenia, which is equipped with scanner of the second generation Nobel Procera 2G. This scanner is designed for digital modeling and manufacturing of prosthetic structures, with the only difference being that in the clinic we do only scanning and modeling, but the manufacturing will be done at one of the NobelProcera factories.

Your advantages: a unique opportunity to get original prosthetic structures made at one of NobelProcera production centers in the USA, Japan or Sweden.

Intraoral scanner Planmeca Emerald™.

Intraoral scanner Planmeca Emerald™.
Scanner Planmeca Emerald™ of the Finnish company Planmeca Oy  acquires digital data in the oral cavity, directly reading the morphology of the tissues, without the use of spray opacizers. After scanning, the 3D image is converted into a STL file, which will be processed in a dental laboratory equipped with a CAD/CAM system.

Advantages  : The Planmeca Emerald™ scanner does not require using powders before scanning, so all the side effects related to this process are excluded.

Sterilization room

The sterilization room is equipped with a modern disinfection and autoclaving system, which ensures the safety of your treatment on 100%. The doctor’s offices are equipped with modern bactericidal lamps. Lighting and ventilation in the offices are conducted to the highest international standards.

Your advantages: Guaranteed safe treatment, because of our clinic’s compliance with all state and international health security standards.